Older eBook Bundle, based on 2015 IRC, UMC & UPC and 2017 NEC

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The Code Check Collection 2015-2017 edition

Available for either MACs, PCs, and tablets, the Code Check ebook bundle contains all the material in Code Check Building 4th edition (2015 IRC), Code Check Electrical 9th (2020 NEC), and Plumbing & Mechanical 5th (2015 UPC & UMC)–and more. Please note – these are NOT our latest editions.

• Navigational buttons quickly access a particular page or topic.

• Referenced figures and tables are also hyperlinked from any Code check text line.

• Each file includes bookmarks, which can be customized, and highlighting is enabled to create your own personalized versions.

• Here are helpful instructions for navigating the Code Check Book collection


Code Check Building 4th. Ed. eBook

Code Check Electrical 8th Ed. eBook

Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical 5th Ed. eBook

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Electrical 8th, Building 4th, and
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For earlier Electrical, Building, Plumbing & Mechanical code editions, we also offer this eBook bundle:


System requirements:

  • Requires Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader

Electronic Book Licensing:     These CodeCheck eBooks are licensed for a single user on up to 4 personal devices.  The eBooks may be used on one device at a time.  This limited license does not allow the installation of the eBook for use in a shared network accessible to multiple individuals whether internal or external.  This includes services such as DropBox, OneDrive, etc.   If you would like to purchase eBooks for use by multiple individuals, your company, building department, etc.  Please contact for a quote.

Codes Used in Books

Code Check Building 4th Edition is based on Chapters 1 through 10 of the 2015 International Residential Code.

Code Check Electrical 9th Edition is based on the 2020 National Electric Code

Code Check Plumbing & Mechanical 5th Edition is based on these codes:

  • 2015 IRC
  • 2015 IAPMO UPC
  • 2015 IAPMO UMC
  • 2020 NEC
  • 2016 ASHRAE 62.2 – Ventilation & Acceptable Indoor Air Quality
  • 2015 NFPA 54 National Fuel Gas Code
  • 2017 NFPA 58 Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code
  • 2009 International Private Sewage Disposal Code
  • 2016 NFPA 31 Standard for Installation of Oil-burning Equipment
  • 2016 NFPA 211 Standard for Chimneys, Fireplaces, Vents & Solid Fuel-burning Appliances