Code Adoption By State


Last updated January 24, 2024

The following list shows the year of adoption in each of the states for the 3 major codes used in Code Check. Where there is no year mentioned, the code for that column has not been adopted. In addition to the 50 states, we have also included the District of Columbia, Chicago, and New York City, each of which have their own codes. San Francisco and Los Angeles also have their own versions of the residential codes.

The list includes two columns of web links. The blue links are to the ICC web page that describes that State’s codes. The red links are other links we have found to have additional helpful information, usually direct to the site of the governmental agency responsible for adopting codes. The maps in the links at the bottom of the list can be helpful. Always check with your local jurisdiction to verify the code that is in effect in your area. We have attempted to make this list accurate, but there are many nuances to local code adoption that may vary from what we have on this list. We have also found contradictions between the information provided by ICC, NFPA, and individual states. 

If you have any suggestions, updates, or additional information that could be added to this list, please contact us at Always check with your local building department for their adoptions and amendments.

National Electrical Code, IRC = International Residential Code, UPC = Uniform Plumbing Code

State (ICC Links) State (Gov Links) NEC IRC UPC Notes:
Alabama Alabama 2020 2015   State jurisdictions under 2021 codes, local jurisdictions 2015
Alaska Alaska 2017   2018 2018 Applies to Anchorage – rest of state is per local rules
Arizona Arizona 2017 2018 2015 Entirely up to local jurisdictions – varies widely
Arkansas  Arkansas 2020 2012   Applies to state buildings only, not to local
California California 2020 2021 2021 Modified as the CA Codes and are mandatory minimum statewide, UMC mechanical, Los Angeles and San Francisco have amended state code
Los Angeles Los Angeles 2020 2021 2021 CA state codes apply unless amended by local changes
San Francisco San Francisco 2020 2021 2021 CA state codes apply unless amended by local changes.  SF does not adopt the CA Residential Code
Colorado Colorado 2023 2021   Applies to Denver & state buildings only, not to local jurisdictions, which have “home rule”
Connecticut Connecticut 2020 2021   Statewide
DC DC 2014 2015   Applies to entire district
Delaware Delaware   2018   No statewide code – see local jurisdiction
Florida Florida 2020 2021   Statewide
Georgia Georgia 2020 2018   Statewide
Hawaii Hawaii 2020 2018 2018 Each county must adopt by 4/2023, some may still be on 2006
Idaho Idaho 2017 2018 2015 Statewide (NFPA says Idaho uses the 2023 NEC)
Illinois Illinois       Entirely up to local jurisdictions – varies widely
Chicago Chicago 2017 2018   Includes Chicago amendments
Indiana Indiana 2008 2018   Statewide, requires local adoption, uses IRC electrical
Iowa Iowa 2020 2015 2021 Statewide
Kansas Kansas 2008 2015   No statewide code – see local jurisdictions in links, 2008 NEC for State Owned Buildings 
Kentucky Kentucky 2017 2015   No IRC plumbing or electrical, KY plumbing code
Louisiana Louisiana 2020 2021   Statewide
Maine Maine 2020 2015   Enforceable for cities with population > 4,000
Maryland Maryland 2017 2018   Statewide with local amendments
Massachusetts Massachusetts 2023 2015   Statewide with local amendments
Michigan Michigan 2017  2015   Statewide, NEC 2020 update process underway
Minnesota Minnesota 2020 2018 2018 Statewide & including extensive state amendments
Mississippi Mississippi 2017 *   Adopted at local level – * one of 3 codes:  2012, 2015 or 2018
Missouri Missouri 2017 2018   Adopted at local level – example here is for St. Louis
Montana Montana 2020 2021   Local jurisdictions have option to enforce
Nebraska Nebraska 2017 2018 2018 Electrical is statewide, other codes per local jurisdictions
Nevada  Nevada 2017 2018 2018 Statewide with local amendments, uses UMC mechanical code
New Hampshire New Hampshire 2020 2018   Statewide
New Jersey New Jersey 2020 2021   Statewide, Uses National Plumbing Code
New Mexico New Mexico 2020 2021 2021 Statewide, also adopts 2021 UMC mechanical code
New York New York 2017 2018   Statewide except NYC 
New York City New York City 2008 2012   NYC only (2008 NEC renamed as 2011 NYC code)
North Carolina North Carolina 2020 2015   Statewide
North Dakota North Dakota 2020 2021   Statewide
Ohio Ohio 2017 2018   Statewide
Oklahoma Oklahoma 2020 2018   Statewide & requires local adoption ordinances
Oregon Oregon 2023 2018 2021 Statewide
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 2017 2018   Most jurisdictions opt in, Philadelphia has custom code
Rhode Island Rhode Island 2020 2018   Statewide
South Carolina South Carolina 2020 2021   Statewide
South Dakota South Dakota 2020 2015 2015 Local jurisdictions have option to adopt
Tennessee Tennessee 2017 2018   Local jurisdictions have option to adopt
Texas Texas 2020 2012 2018 Local can be more current than state, NFPA says 2023 NEC
Utah Utah 2020 2015   State buildings – local adoptions sometimes lag behind
Vermont Vermont 2020 2015   Adopts IBC and not the IRC
Virginia Virginia 2017 2018   Statewide, next update will be July 1, 2024
Washington Washington 2023 2018 2018 Statewide, update to 2021 codes March 15, 2024
West Virginia West Virginia 2020 2018   Statewide
Wisconsin Wisconsin 2017 2015   Modified as the Wisconsin Uniform Dwelling Code
Wyoming Wyoming 2023 2021   Entirely up to local jurisdictions

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