Douglas Hansen

Douglas is the principal author of the Code Check series of field guides to building codes and the author of the recently updated popular book for home inspectors, Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings. He began working with Code Check in 1998, when founder Redwood Kardon asked him to edit the first edition of Code Check Electrical. Douglas subsequently moved into the principal authorship role for the series.

Douglas sits on the technical committee for Electrical Systems Maintenance of the National Fire Protection Association, where he represents the American Society of Home Inspectors. The committee is responsible for NFPA 73 – The Standard for Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings. For several years, he taught residential and commercial electrical codes at the College of San Mateo. He provides seminars around the country to inspectors, building departments, and electricians on building and electrical codes, construction defects, and inspection techniques. He has authored dozens of magazine articles and over 20 books. He has served as an expert witness in over 150 cases involving contractor and inspector standard of care, building codes, construction defects, and disclosure issues, and has testified in Superior Courts in several counties. He is a licensed general contractor and holds numerous inspection certifications. He is currently the senior electrical inspector for the City of Santa Clara, California.

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