Code Check Building 5th Edition for the 2021 IRC



Code Check Building has been expanded to 50 pages for the 2021 IRC. It also includes notations of the changes that took place from the 2018 edition, so the book can be used in jurisdictions using either of those code editions.

  • Based on the first 10 chapters of the 2021 IRC
  • Annotated changes from the 2018 IRC
  • Expanded to 50 pages
  • 86 Illustrations and 61 tables
  • Includes added material on bracing, decks, and concrete
  • Publisher’s list price 29.95, our introductory price 26.95

eBook version not yet available



Code Check Building is in its fifth edition, and has been expanded to 50 pages. It is based on the first 10 chapters of the 2021 IRC, with annotated changes from the 2018 edition. Includes 86 illustrations and 61 tables and downloadable tables (see next tab to the right).

Additional Tables

Additional Header & Girder Tables

Additional Rafter Span Tables


Page 36, left column, 8th bullet, says a ridge board is required. The IRC 2018 edition allowed the use of collar ties or ridge straps in lieu of a ridge board. The 2021 edition requires either (1) a gusset or (2) a ridge board with collar ties or ridge straps.