Deck Construction Based on the 2021 IRC


For years, the amount of information about decks that was provided in the codes was woefully inadequate.  At one time, the American Wood Council filled that gap by providing a publication (DCA-6) that provided prescriptive guidelines for deck construction. The last edition of DCA-6 was based on the 2015 codes. After that, the IRC increased the amount of code material on decks, and substantial amounts of new material were added in the 2021 IRC.  Glenn Mathewson, the author of this new book, represented the North American Deck and Railing Assocation (NADRA) in their code initiatives for the 2021 IRC. This book is THE authoritative source of information on decks.

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For the first time, we are offering a book that was not written by the Code Check team. ICC’s book on deck construction fills an important need in the construction industry and inspection world. Written by Glenn Mathewson (of the book includes all the relevant text on decks from the 2021 International Residential Code as well as commentary on several related aspects of the code.

We especially recommend this book to persons who do not own their own copy of the 2021 IRC. It provides clear explanations of several topics that are often related to the addition of a deck, including safety glazing, stairs, landings, clearances to electrical equipment, fire separation distances, permitting requirements, and much more.

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