ICC Preferred Provider Training Sessions in June via Zoom

Douglas Hansen will be presenting a 2-hour session on Gas Appliance Venting on Thursday, May 23, from 10:00 to 12:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

The seminar is sponsored by the Western Washington Chapter of ASHI.  The course is approved for 0.2 ICC Preferred Provider Credits as well as continuing education for ASHI and for home inspector licensing in several states. A printout of the presentation will be available to all participants.

What are the symptoms that an appliance doesn’t have adequate combustion air?

What are the differences between induced-draft, fan-assisted, & forced vent appliances?

Why are some gas-burning appliances not “required” to be vented?

What is the difference between a vent and a vent connector?

Get the answers to these questions and more. We will be covering the properties of gas combustion, burners, appliance venting categories, materials & clearances, combustion air, vent terminations, vent sizing, venting in common, connectors, chimneys, direct-vent appliances, & more.

This class is only $50! Click here to register

Registrants can download the seminar handout here. Please note - this is a large file (72MB) consisting of 104 pages at 2 slides per page.

Current Code Check Seminars Available to Sponsoring Groups

Code Check is currently offering the following seminars, each of which are approved for ICC Preferred Provider continuing education credits. These all include complete powerpoint presentations and are delivered in the Zoom format. We can customize these seminars for your group or location. The amount of CEUs depends on the length of the seminars. We have many other seminars listed on the ICC Preferred Provider website.

If you would like to arrange for your group to sponsor one or more of these seminars please contact us at info@Codecheck.com.

• Means of Egress (Douglas Hansen) (2 hours or 4 hours)
Egress doors, other doors, landings, ramps, exterior stairs, interior stairs, winding & spiral stairs, handrails, guards, window fall protection, escape & rescue openings.

• Gas Appliance Venting (Douglas Hansen) (2 hours or 4 hours)
Properties of fuel gas, gas burners, vent categories, combustion air, Category I vent materials & clearances, vent terminations, vent sizes, draft hoods, vent connectors, chimneys, wall furnaces, Category IV appliances, other direct-vent appliances.

• Residential Energy Production & Storage (Douglas Hansen) (2 hours)
The future of electrical systems, legislative mandates & rebates, photovoltaic systems, battery systems, generators, transfer switches whole-house backup systems and partial backup systems.

• Residential Code Updates (Douglas Hansen) (2 hours)
Updates to the building portion of the 2018 model codes, using Code Check 9th edition.

• Prefabricated Fireplaces (Skip Walker) (2 hours)
UL Standards, chimneys, clearances, decorative shrouds, common installation defects.

• Fireplaces & Chimneys (Douglas Hansen) (4 hours)
Masonry fireplaces & chimneys, manufactured fireplaces & chimneys, stove inserts, masonry heaters, wood stoves, pellet stoves, clearance reduction systems.

• Photoelectric versus ionization Smoke Alarms: Deadly Differences (Skip Walker) (2 hours)
Demonstrations of the differences in performance of alarm types, case studies, impact on home inspectors, evolution and status of UL standards.

• Commercial Electrical Systems (Douglas Hansen & Redwood Kardon) (8 hours)
Intended for combination inspectors and home inspectors who are tasked with inspection of commercial systems, this class is an introduction to 3-phase systems, commercial voltages, fault currents and withstand ratings, switchboards, metering arrangements, paralleled conductors, & commercial wiring methods.

• Exterior Elevated Elements (Skip Walker) (2 hours)
Drawing on the lessons of the balcony collapse in Berkeley, CA, this class discusses the failure mechanisms of exterior balconies, ledger requirements, inspection requirements, ventilation, as well as regulations (California) for periodic inspections of exterior elevated elements, including metal structures.

• Electrical Code Updates (Douglas Hansen) (2 hours or 4 hours)
Intended primarily for home inspectors, this class covers changes spanning the last 3 code cycles as well as the potential changes in the next code cycle. Primary topics include services & disconnecting means, receptacle outlet placement, GFCIs, and AFCIs.