Code Check Illustrations


Illustrations for Inspectors, by popular demand!

For years, home inspectors and building departments have been asking us, “How can we get the illustrations from the Code Check book series They would be so useful to include in our reports and handouts.” Well, here they are!

These Illustrations include our most popular illustrations over the years.  This package includes those found in the current Code Check book series. The illustrations in the unique style of Code Check’s original illustrator, Paddy Morrissey, You may order the illustrations as a download via a secure DropBox link or have our special Code Check Key USB Stick shipped to you.  Both packages contain all 523 illustrations as JPEG files, perfect to add to your property inspection reports, building inspection handouts or reports, especially to demonstrate proper installation methods.

Each illustration includes its title with all the relevant callouts. You’ll also find a complete list of drawings, as well as a “Read Me First” pdf, to explain how easy it is to insert these drawings into your report.

When ordering the download package, you will receive an email with instructions and a secure link to a DropBox zip file.  The email will generally be sent within 12 hours of your order.

$199.95 $139.95
$199.95 $139.95


  • 523 Illustrations
  • Literally a picture of the code requirements
  • One picture is worth a thousand words!
  • Available either as a DropBox secure download or shipped on a flash drive
  • $7.99 Flat Rate Shipping up to 20 Items per order, Free Shipping for 21 or more items per order

Code Check Illustrations


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