Code Check Building 4th Edition


This is an older edition of Code Check Building; it is based on the first 10 chapters of the 2015 International Residential Code. Our newer (5th edition) is based on the most current codes.



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Code Check Building 4th Edition eBook

System requirements:

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Sample Pages

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Codes Used in Book

Code Check Building 4th Edition is based on Chapters 1 through 10 of the 2015 International Residential Code.

Extra Tables for CCB 4th

Here are four extra tables for the book. Click for PDF to download:

Allowable Girder & Header Spans in Interior & Exterior Bearing Walls, Notching & Boring Joists, Joist Spans for 30 & 40 PSF Live Load and Minimum Number Full-Height Studs Each End of Headers in Exterior Walls 


Code Check Building 4th Edition Errata:

Page 11, left column, under "Retaining Walls" the second bullet is truncated. It should say "Design against overturning, sliding, excessive pressure, & water uplift 404.4"

Page 13, FIG. 19, the leader from the word "Dampproofing" should intersect the wall at the soil line, not on the top course of CMU

Page 14, figure 20, Reads "Bolts spaced min. 6 ft. o.c." should be: "Bolt spacing max. 6 ft. o.c."

Page 21, FIG 37 Ceiling Joist Taper Cut: The drawing is incorrect. Click the corrected illustration below, download and paste over the incorrect figure:

Page 28 - FIG. 45: Ledger Board Attachment Distances: Wrong sizes for the ledger boards. (click illustration to download correct figure. Then right-click image and "save as" or download. Print and paste over current figure) Page 28 - FIG. 55: Roof Edge Flashing: Rake edge flashing goes over the paper, not under. (click illustration to download correct figure. Then right-click image and "save as" or download. Print and paste over current figure)