What Codes are used in my State?

We have compiled a list showing the year of adoption in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia for the 3 major codes used in Code Check. Where there is no year mentioned, the code for that column has not been adopted. In addition, we have also included Chicago, and New York City as each has their own codes.  Click here for the complete list.  Clicking on the image at the left will also open a downloadable pdf file.  







Aluminum Wiring

By Skip Walker

About 2 million U.S. homes are believed to have solid aluminum branch-circuit wiring. Solid aluminum wiring is a recognized fire and safety hazard. Today, Americans homes draw more electrical current through these aging circuits. Overloaded convenience circuits may exacerbate the issues associated with older solid aluminum wiring. This can result in overheated plugs and receptacles that may result in a fire.  Click Here to Read the Full Article


AFCIs Come of Age

Using Electronics to Enhance Electrical Safety

by Douglas Hansen

The requirements for AFCIs are changing with each code cycle, and the technology has also changed since AFCIs were first introduced. This comprehensive article looks at the current requirements and issues, and the future for AFCIs. Last updated August 29, 2012.



Don't Call Them Windmills

A Quick Overview of Turbine Technology

by Redwood Kardon

Redwood provides a quick history of wind technology. Thousands of these colossal generators have been installed across the United States and a new trade is developing down on those farms–the Turbine Technicians. And like any large scale electrical energy producer, the wind power industry can produce industrial sized hazards for its workers.
These hazards are presented and discussed.


Safety Glazing

This popular article on glazing hazards has been updated
to include the latest codes and standards.

by Douglas Hansen



California 2010 Code Links

This file was the syllabus for Douglas' presentation at the CREIA 2012 Spring Conference. It contains many helpful links to California Codes and a summary of some changes in the 2010 cycle.

California 2013 Code Links

This was the syllabus for Douglas' presentation at the Golden Gate ASHI November 2013 Seminar. It contains many helpful links to the 2013 California Codes.