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Our most comprehensive book is based on the 2021 IRC, UPC, UMC, and other current codes, including the 2020 NEC. It has 330 pages, including 336 illustrations and 192 tables. It includes material not found in any of our previous individual books. The book includes notations and explanations of major changes from the previous editions of the codes, so it can be used in areas using either the 2018 or the 2021 model codes.

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Code Check Complete 3rd edition for the 2021 IRC and 2020 NEC.


Errata to the first printing:
  • Building, page 8, table 1, the correct organization for ASCE is American Society of Civil Engineers.
  • Building, page 52, right column, 3rd to last checkbox, typo – first word should be “joists” not “joints.”
  • Building, page 114, left column, 2nd to last checkbox, the word “intermediate”should be ahead of the word “landings”.
  • Plumbing, page 141, left column, 10th checkbox item says “Horizontal changes in trap arms per T7” and should instead reference T12.
  • Plumbing, page 154, right column, 5th checkbox, reference to P51 should be F51.
  • Plumbing, Page 155, Table 29, Lines 1 & 7 should each be referencing T25 not T30.
  • Plumbing, Page 156, 2nd checkbox, add another UPC reference to 602.4
  • Plumbing, page 172, table 38, line 6A reference should be to T40 not T39.
  • Mechanical, page 189, figure 13, the arrows on the right side each point the opposite direction of what they should be.
  • Mechanical, page 197, left column, 3rd checkbox from bottom, add word “vertical” in front of word “wall”
  • Electrical, page 247, figure 7, the reference to the conductor between building steel and the service should be T15, not T52
  • Electrical, page 289, Table 43, the correct max. cord & plug connected load for a 20 amp circuit is 16 amps (not 30)
  • Electrical, page 295, right column. 2nd checkbox, distance should be 4 inches, not 4 feet.
  • Electrical, page 305, left column. last checkbox, IRC reference 3901.1 is more on point than 1405.1.
  • Electrical, page 312, figure 87, the stop and start controls should not both be in the closed position.
(Updated January 10, 2024)

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