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    Code Check Illustrations

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    Code Check Illustrations

    317 Illustrations for Inspectors & Building Departments.

    Available by DOWNLOAD in Zip file format!

    “When it comes to explaining a condition or material defect in your report to a client, nothing can match a well-written narrative with a Code Check illustration showing the correct example of a building standard plus a photo or two of the condition from the inspection. I don’t know why I didn’t buy the Code Check illustrations sooner.”

    Rich Zak, MCI, ACI

    Newly Updated!

    These detailed illustrations are perfect for inspection reports, presentations, and building department handouts. They are from the most current Code Check books, including Code Check Electrical 9th edition, Code Check Building 4th edition, and Code Check Plumbing/Mechanical 5th edition. The package also includes illustrations from our combination inspection books (Code Check 8th and 9th editions) that are not duplicated in the specialty books, as well as a few illustrations from older electrical books (especially useful in areas that have not yet updated to the most recent code). The illustrations are drawn by Code Check’s original illustrator, Paddy Morrissey.

    Your illustration order is an instant download by a secure DropBox link. There are a total of 317 illustrations. Each illustration includes its title and callouts. Several of the illustrations have additional material, including related tables. You’ll also find a complete list of drawings, as well as a “Read Me First” pdf file with directories of each folder’s contents.

    Code Check is a trademark of the Taunton Press registered in the US Patent & Trademark office, and the illustrations are copyrighted by Code Check and the Taunton Press. The copyright symbol must be included in each image. By purchasing the illustrations, you agree not to share them to any other person, company, or agency, and that they are for your sole use in inspection reports, building department handouts, and presentations. They may appear in sample reports on a web site with attribution to Code Check. If you have any questions regarding proper use, please contact us at info@codecheck.com.

    When ordering the downloadable package, you will be given access to a download button once payment has been made. The ZIP file can be decompressed by right-clicking on the folder and choosing “extract all”.

    Only $149.95    (About 50 cents per illustration)