FAQ List

What are your most up-to-date books?

Complete 3rd edition, Plumbing/Mechanical 6th, Building 5th, Electrical 9th.

In the “Books” menu tab on the home page, the first item that comes up is “all books and their codes” which lists the code year for each of our books. The 2021 codes are adopted in just over half the country at this point. Complete 3rd edition, Building 5th edition, and Plumbing/Mechanical 6th edition are all based on 2021 codes. Code Check 9th edition Combo is still based on the 2018 codes, and we expect that the 10th edition, based on the 2021 codes, will be released soon. Click in the “resources” menu to see “code adoptions by state” and see what codes your state is using.

What Is the difference between Code Check 9th (Combo) and Code Check Complete 3rd?

Code Check 9th edition is our signature 32-page flip-chart style book with laminated pages.  This is the book that started it all over 25 years ago.  Now in its 9th edition, it features 81 illustrations and 32 tables.

Code Check Complete 3rd edition is a compilation of the breakout Code Check books with a ton of additional information.   Complete 3rd is 330 pages and contains 336 illustrations and 192 tables.  It is provided in a 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ three-ring binder format.  

We are tax exempt. How do we order without paying sales tax?

Our shopping cart automatically adds California tax until you have entered your address information. If you are not in California, the tax will drop out at that point, and before you click on the final purchase confirmation. If you are in California, the only exemptions are for electronic products. It does not matter that you are otherwise tax-exempt.

Why are some of the eBooks more expensive than the print versions? Aren’t they just PDF printouts?

They include navigation tools that make it very easy to find the specific thing you are looking for, and they have additional material not found in the print books. For example, the electrical book has twice as much material as the print edition of Electrical 9th. The eBooks all include editorial updates that were made after the print books went to the publisher. They are formatted for a notepad or computer, and are very handy to have either in the field or at the office. We offer special pricing on the print+eBook packages.

When will Code Check 10th edition (based on the 2021 codes) be released?

They’re telling us July 2024. It will also be available as an eBook.

How long does it take to receive the eBook we just purchased?

Anywhere from 20 minutes to 12 hours. Be sure to check your spam directory. The return email address on the message with the book is likely to be from Machelle Walker.

I’m having trouble using your eBooks on my device.  Why?

Code Check eBooks are Adobe PDF files and are created using Adobe tools.  To use the advanced navigation features of the eBooks and to properly display illustrations, tables, etc. you must be using either the current version of Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader version 8.0 or higher.   Using third-party PDF Readers and older versions of Adobe Reader may result in immages not displaying properly and a loss of the advanced navigation features due to a lack of compatibility with newer Adobe PDF formatting.   Adobe Reader is a free download.  

Are you planning to do a book based on the 2023 National Electrical Code?

We will come out with an electronic version this year.

Are any of the older Code Check books available, not just the ones on the web site?

Yes. We have a limited number of copies of many of the earlier editions. We see these offered for sale at on-line bookstores for ridiculous prices, and we sell older editions for $15 plus shipping. Send us an email through the Contact page here if you are interested.