Code Check Electrical 6th Edition

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Code Check Electrical 6th edition references the 2011 National Electrical Code (NEC) and the 2009 International Residential Code (IRC). It also works for jurisdictions using older codes, thanks to our handy "code changes" feature embedded throughout the book. This edition includes 24 tables and 73 illustrations, and summarizes recent code changes in the 2008 & 2011 NEC.

The electronic edition contains many features not available in the printed book. It includes customizable bookmarks for navigation, as well as navigation buttons that appear on the top of your screen. These enable you to quickly go to a particular section of the book, jump to a link to view a specific illustration or table, and return to the page you were viewing. The IRC code references are all hyperlinked to the specific text of that code on the ICC web site. For copyright reasons, the NEC code text is not directly linkable, though since the IRC is derived from the NEC, the basic meaning of each linked code reference is the same as in the NEC.

The book contains sections on grounding, bonding, services, panels, branch circuits, ampacity, wiring methods, boxes, GFCIs & AFCIs, appliances, lighting, switches, receptacles, pools & spas, photovoltaics, and much more. The eBook can also be customized with your own comments, highlighting, and bookmarks. The book is endorsed by the International Code Council.

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Code Check Electrical 6th Edition is based on these codes...

  2011 NEC IRC 2008 NEC

2011 National Electrical Code

2009 International Residential Code 2008 National Electrical Code


Code Check Electrical 6th Edition Errata:

Page 27, left column, last checkbox. This citation is only correct for stand-alone PV systems. Systems which are utility interactive do not require backfed breakers to be secured in place per section 705.12(D)(6).

Page 30, Table 24 Many categories included erroneously & others numbered incorrectly.
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